Family Tree

Family Tree

We’re a family of scientists and farmers who grow organic hemp. Our top priority is producing fine cannabis. From soil to oil, all of our products are handcrafted here. We’re single-source, vertically-integrated, and solventless (our extraction process is free of all chemicals).

Family Tree Hemp Co. is our labor of love. Our uniqueness comes from our all-natural approach and the House Blend we’ve created (read more below), along with our history, practices and our land.

Our organic sun grown botanicals grow hillside with water fed by Sheldon Springs. In the late 1800s, Sheldon, Vermont was the leading water resort of the United States based on the healing minerals contained in the Springs here.

We commit to quality control each step of our process — from cultivation techniques and regenerative farming to small-batch manufacturing and independent lab-testing throughout

All of these efforts allows us to make truly special, clean, and effective CBD.

We sell craft flower, goat milk lotion, solventless soaking salts, all-natural gummies, cbd truffles, pre-rolls made with solventless rosin (extract) from plants on our farm.

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