Lion Turtle Tea

Lion Turtle Tea

Chinese mythology includes a creature called Lónggu?, or Dragon Turtle, which has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon. It is the combination of two of the Four Guardians who reside in the four cardinal directions in the sky, and therefore a creature of great power in the Chinese mythos and feng shui, symbolizing longevity and prosperity.

While this creature is indeed part dragon, not part lion, many westerners interpret the art style as more lion-like. Similarly, as owners Tim and Jace are white people serving East Asian cuisine, they can only interpret the food and drink they serve, and do not wish to lay claim to “authentic” or “traditional” recipes and practices.

Lion Turtle presents a Vermont-focused interpretation of East Asian food and drink. And, as the Dragon represents Spring and the Turtle represents Winter, Lion Turtle moves through the four seasons with a menu that reflects the seasons through local ingredients and following the tea production year.

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