City Hall Park Kiosk

City Hall Park Kiosk

About City Hall Park and Plans for the Kiosk

City Hall Park serves as the geographic and cultural center of the City. In 2020, the City completed a historic reconstruction of the Park that prioritizes a healthy, functioning urban park, accessibility for all users in all seasons, and the enhancement of this historic space to meet the modern needs of the community. Today, the park is activated year-round with concert series, festivals, and a summer and winter food and makers market that bring residents and tourists of all ages to enjoy the City’s cultural offerings.

The design for this reconstructed park included a food/beverage kiosk located on the terrace west of the fountain. This permanent structure was not included in the construction for budgetary reasons. The City is now moving forward with this component of the City Hall Park redesign with funding as part of the ARPA Infrastructure investments approved by City Council on May 1, 2023. This investment will realize the kiosk envisioned in the redevelopment plans.

Project Updates (From CEDO, BWD, or BCA)

  • Update from CEDO 1/19/24: Completed the Conceptual Design Phase with our project consultants: RENZ+OEI, a Brooklyn-based design/build architecture firm; and Engineering Ventures, a local civil engineering firm.


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