Cut Out Copy

Cut Out Copy

Barbee Hauzinger is the artist behind Cut Out Copy, the name given to her curious hand-cut collage work. Photographer by day, Hauzinger enjoys the physical and tactile art of collage., Cut Out Copy has been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in Burlington, Vermont, as well as in print in Kolaj Magazine and Art Reveal Magazine.

"Collage is the yin and yang of the art world; destruction and creation all in one. It is an art form with no rules, no rights or wrongs, each piece an unmapped puzzle with endless possibilities and limitless opportunities. I use it as a tool to explore different themes and styles. Some of my work is very minimal, focusing on patterns and colors. Some of my work is very photographic, creating dystopian-like scenes, eerie lands, and places in the series Where You’d Want To Be. I have a series titled Collages That Don’t Look Like Collages which is pretty self-explanatory. I have one series titled The Age Of Ads where I take the advertisements from old Life or Post magazines and create a collage using only the images. The image content I find myself rummaging through is incredible, mind-boggling, and always leaves me feeling excited and bubbly. Collage transcends so much; time, place, space, logic, reason, imagination. You can create anything from found materials. The tactileness of flipping through old books and magazines, the excitement of the endless possibilities, and the joy of ripping, cutting, and destroying books is simply exhilarating. "

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