Ryan Bent Photography

Ryan Bent Photography

Ryan Bent specializes in capturing the built environment of architecture, building, and interior design.

My goal is to create unique images that embody the final vision of my clients. Our photoshoots are fun, light-hearted, creative, and pleasurably exhausting! Using timing, natural and artificial light, a little OCD, and a sturdy tripod allows me to craft unique images for my clients. Also, my Photoshop skills are dangerously good :)

Fun Facts:

- I enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, bike touring, sailing, and traveling.

- I often think of inventions that someone has already made.

- I enjoy woodworking and the constant upkeep of a pre-1900 home.

- I spent 100 days at sea photographing undergraduates in 12 different countries.

Vermont is a pretty awesome place to live!


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