Will Gebhard

Will Gebhard

Born 1991 in Worcester, MA, Gebhard is currently based in Burlington, VT.

“Will Gebhard’s most recent paintings in acrylic elevate the nagging insecurities and banalities of everyday existence to subjects worthy of aggrandized abstraction. Gebhard reduces figures and objects to their most essential geometric forms only to further minimize contextual cues by rearranging, bending, and ultimately intertwining the warped shapes into layered labyrinths of slick contours and bold colors. With an affinity for primary hues, Gebhard takes full advantage of the power of a limited palette. At once snapshots of past experiences, perceptions of the present, and ruminations on possible futures, Will Gebhard's paintings present a visual narrative of the social current we float within on a daily basis, willingly or otherwise.”

(Patricia Trafton, 2020)

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