Around The World With Food

“A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food.”
Philip Rosenthal

Food is a great way to learn about different cultures from around the world. It connects communities and gives people common ground. This blog will take you around the world with some local Burlington restaurants.

Union Jack's

Our first stop on our Burlington global food tour is Union Jack's, a locally owned restaurant on Shelburne Road that serves delicious sandwiches and a couple of classic British dishes. Their family recipes come straight from the United Kingdom, utilizing Vermont ingredients to ensure their customers are getting the best of the best. The fish and chips at Union Jack's are flaky, crisp, and oh-so-good; they're a definite must-try! If you've always wanted to try traditional UK dishes, this is the place to go! 

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Bistro De Margot 

Moving Downtown, we have the elegance of French cuisine at Bistro De Margot. Have an anniversary coming up? A birthday? Or really love the fine dining experience? Bistro De Margot is for you! This chef-owned restaurant has truly beautiful French dishes, with a rotating seasonal menu featuring local Vermont ingredients. If you’re going for a special occasion, we highly recommend trying their 3-Course Prix Fixe Menu, which changes weekly. Check out their menu by clicking the button below!

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Trattoria Delia

Now it’s time to eat our way across Italy at Trattoria Delia. Located Downtown at 152 Saint Paul Street, Trattoria Delia resides in a historic Vermont house that was originally a turn-of-the-century hotel. Their menu explores traditional Italian dishes using local ingredients from Vermont farms. This is a great date night location with your partner or a good friend. Their menu rotates seasonally, but we recommend any of their delicious pasta with a wine pairing. If you haven’t been yet, Trattoria Delia is a must-try! And if you’re in the mood for traditional Neapolitan pizza, check out Pizzeria Verita right next door at 156 Saint Paul Street!

Trattoria Delia  Pizzeria Verita

Honey Road 

Honey Road, there is no sweeter name for this Eastern Mediterranean-style restaurant located on the Church Street Marketplace. Honey Road serves delicious tapas that are perfect for sharing with family or a big group of friends. Their rotating seasonal menu is vegetable-heavy, making this the perfect place to bring your vegetarian loved ones. We highly recommend getting the chicken wings (a crowd favorite) and any one of their delicious salads. Head over to 156 Church Street and get dining today! Can’t get a reservation? Try grabbing a seat at the bar!

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Jilib Jiblets

Jilib Jiblets is a catering company that serves Somali dishes based on family recipes. Whether you are too busy to cook, have a dinner party coming up, or have a special event, Jilib Jiblets is a great choice for a hearty, comforting meal. Owner Said Bulle started Jilib Jiblets as a way to reconnect with his mother through their shared love of cooking, and you can taste the love in his cooking. When you’re ordering from Jilib Jiblets, we highly recommend trying their fried chicken, which is crispy and delicious. Connect with Said today to try some tasty Somali food!

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Café Dim Sum

Café Dim Sum is the perfect place for Dim Sum lovers and beginners alike. The menu brings authentic big city China Town flavor to the Burlington community through delicious menu items like shrimp dumplings, chicken feet in black bean sauce, tangy crispy spareribs, and more! You get your food fast and over the counter, making it the perfect place to choose your adventure. Whether you are eating alone or with a group of ten people, you’re guaranteed a good time at Café Dim Sum. Try them out today at 95 St Paul Street!

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Hong's Dumplings

One thing we can never eat too much of is dumplings, especially from Hong’s. Hong’s Dumplings got their start through the Church Street Marketplace cart vendor program and got a crowd-funded brick-and-mortar restaurant at 77 Pearl Street in 2018. We highly recommend trying their crab cream cheese dumpling and classic pork with their mouthwatering sweet cranberry sauce (trust us, you’ll want a tub of this sauce). They also have great combo options if you’d like to bulk up your lunch with rice or noodles. Hong’s Dumplings is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the moment, so click the button below to stay up to date on current store hours!

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Pho Hong

Traveling back to the Old North End at 325 N Winooski Ave, we get some major Vietnamese flavors. Pho Hong is located in the heart of the Old North End with a newly expanded space! Pho Hong serves homemade, authentic Vietnamese food that is delicious and comforting. If you’re a local, we highly suggest working your way through their menu because everything is so amazing, but a great place to start is their Pho or Rice Vermicelli. We can’t say enough good things about Pho Hong, so you’ll have to go there and see for yourself!

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Saigon Kitchen

The family-owned restaurant, Saigon Kitchen, is another must-stop on our exploration across the world through food. Located at 112 North Street in the Old North End, Saigon Kitchen makes traditional Vietnamese dishes from homemade recipes that are absolutely delicious. We highly recommend trying their crispy eggrolls and Pho! Everything on their menu is perfect for a casual, comforting meal with friends. Try them out today!

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Suvi's Kitchen

In the South End at 370 Shelburne Rd, Suvi’s Kitchen serves up seasoned, authentic Thai food for the Burlington Community. Each meal is prepared using the freshest of ingredients with their homemade sauces. We recommend getting one of their curries and their crispy chive dumplings. You also can never go wrong with their delicious Pad Thai. If you’re looking for authentic, delicious Thai food in the Burlington area, this place is a must-stop!

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Sushi Maeda

Downtown at 152 Cherry Street, Sushi Maeda serves a modern twist on traditional Japanese cuisine. If you’re a sushi lover, this is the place to go in Burlington. Their sushi, sashimi, and makizushi are some of the best in Burlington. They also have a fantastic vegetarian sushi selection with unique flavor combinations every month to keep things new and fresh. Needless to say, if you haven’t tried Sushi Maeda yet, it should be on your list!

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All these local food spots are making us hungry! These are just a few of the fantastic, diverse dining options we have in Burlington. Click the button below to learn more about all the great restaurants in the Burlington community.

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