Burlington Parklet Program

Burlington Parklet Program

What are Street Seats and Parklets?

Street Seats and Parklets are semi-public or completely public spaces created from a platform at sidewalk level that extends the pedestrian zone into the parking lane. They cover one or two parking spaces and include an open, accessible place for people to sit, rest, gather, eat, and socialize.

Street Seats are reserved for use by patrons of a particular establishment or group of businesses during their operating hours and are open to the public during all other hours. Parklets are open to the public at all hours.

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Why have these in Burlington?

Street Seats and Parklets can offer many benefits:

  • Supports community engagement and enjoyment of public space
  • Encourages walkability and cycling by drawing people to the street while fostering a safe, open environment
  • Benefits local businesses and the streetscape through improved aesthetics, seating, and street activity
  • Can increase business and sales of nearby stores

Parklet Permit Application

Interested in loaning a parklet from the Business Support team?

The Business Support team has one parklet, a small seating area created as a public amenity on or alongside a sidewalk, and often in a parking space, which we can loan to a Burlington business each summer season.

Interested parties must complete the Parklet Loan Application by May 3rd, 2024. If selected, the parklet recipient will need to pay for an encumbrance fee with DPW. Any recipient wishing to serve alcohol on the parklet seating will need an Outside Consumption permit as well. 

The parklet platform, built-in seating, and one umbrella are the only infrastructure on loan. The parklet does not include plantings, tables, additional chairs, etc. The loanee will be responsible for the daily upkeep and maintenance of the parklet while it is on loan.

For any questions or inquiries, reach out to the Business Development Team at business@burlingtonvt.gov 

The 2024 parklet application is now closed

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